What is Harwin Drive or the Harwin Wholesale District?

What is Harwin Drive or the Harwin Wholesale District? For years, that is the same question that plagues a lot of new visitors to the Houston area or to those who were referred to the Harwin area by a friend or family member. You won’t actually find too much information online about the Harwin area anywhere online (most of the information you find will be old and outdated). That’s why we created this web directory. To help introduce new visitors to this amazing bargain shopping area and the many great businesses that make up Harwin.

Many of the businesses on Harwin deal with Wholesale and Retail, some who also offers wholesale to the public. The Harwin wholesale street stretches roughly 1.11 square miles and isn’t too far from the Galleria area. Harwin drive is literally scattered with hundreds of businesses wholesale and retail which really makes it hard to find good stores unless you know where to go or who to buy from.

Harwin Drive was once known as the place to purchase look-alike brand name merchandise like purses, luggage’s, sunglasses, watches, and clothing. That has since changed and now you can find the same high quality jewelry, handbags, luggage’s, sunglasses, watches, and clothing on Harwin that you find in many department stores in Houston or anywhere. A lot of the boutiques you see around also more times than not, get their merchandise from the same suppliers and/or from the businesses on Harwin. Majority of the times though, Harwin will have the lowest prices for any type of goods, whether you are bargain shopping or looking to start your own business and need suppliers.

Harwin isn’t only the home of women’s fashion accessories but to high quality, low priced furniture, electronics, cell phone accessories, toys, and perfumes.

If you haven’t been or are looking to visit the Harwin Wholesale area, be sure to visit our directory often as we will continue to update with new businesses.

You can also contact us at anytime if you need help finding stores selling what you’re looking for.

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